Home Captain’s PowerPlay FAQs

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Can I generate an updated pre-approval letter through the system?

No, you can notify the borrower through PowerPlay of the updated pre-approval letter, but you cannot generate it through the system.

Can I tell when my borrower is searching for a home, favoriting homes, etc?

You will be able to see how many homes your borrower has favorited on their mini-profile, by clicking “Homes Favorited” and expanding their profile you can see specifically what homes they have favorited.

Will I be notified when my borrower submits an offer?

Yes, when the milestone “Offer Submitted” is updated by either the real estate agent, home buyer, or concierge, you will receive a notification in PowerPlay and in your CRM.

What are the benefits for my borrowers to log in to PowerPlay?

PowerPlay can be used for your entire purchase funnel, so whether the customer is ready to be matched to a real estate agent or is just looking to see what they can afford, invite them to use PowerPlay.

When should loan officers be pitching PowerPlay usage to their borrowers?

You can pitch PowerPlay to your borrowers at any time. PowerPlay can be used for your entire purchase funnel, so whether the customer is ready to be matched to a real estate agent or is just looking to see what they can afford, invite them to PowerPlay.

When does the concierge team introduce PowerPlay to the borrower?

The concierge team will introduce PowerPlay upon the first contact with your borrowers.

Can I recommend properties to my client?

Yes, from the “search” page you can find a property that you think your client would be interested in and click the “recommend” button.

How can I view property showings my borrower has scheduled with a real estate agent?

On the dashboard, you can see how many properties each borrower has scheduled to view on their mini-profiles. By click on the “Scheduled Showing”, you will gain access to what home and when the showing is.

What milestones are available to filter?

You can filter by the following milestones:

  • Still Searching for Home
  • Offer Submitted
  • Ratified Contract
  • Closing Confirmed
  • Archived
  • Searching Reset
  • Search on Hold
  • No Longer Looking
  • No Longer Responding
  • Using a Different Realtor
  • Unqualified
How do I filter my loans by milestone?

On the home buying and or home selling page you can view and filter your clients by milestone status by clicking on each different status located on the right-hand side of the page or by using the “add filter” drop-down menu.

Can I give PowerPlay access to borrowers and/or real estate agents who are not in the Home Captain network?

Yes, utilize the “recommend us” button to invite them into PowerPlay. 

How can I update my borrower and real estate agent on the loan status?

Yes, in your dashboard, each borrower and their corresponding real estate agent are reflected. Simply click contact next to their name to let each of them know the status of the loan.

Can I communicate with multiple clients at once?

Yes, go into your home buying or home selling screen click the checkbox next to each client you would like to communicate with and at the bottom of the screen you will see a contact button appear. Click contact to communicate with all individuals that have been checked.

How can I update my clients’ personal profile?

From the dashboard of your loan officer portal, you can view and edit personal details about your clients, by clicking on the “edit” option in the top right corner of their profile.

Do I need to be logged into my account to be notified of any borrower/realtor updates?

No, all milestone updates will also postback into your CRM.

Can I update my borrower’s milestone?

Yes, you will find a drop-down menu attached to each borrower/seller profile where you can update the milestone.

How do I find comparable homes to help determine my client’s home value?

Within the loan officer portal, you have the ability to click on the “Home Value” that will you allow generating a list of comparable homes by entering their home addresses.

How do I use the internal chat feature?

In the top right corner, you will see a message bubble, here you will able to see any current conversations in the application. To start a new conversation you can click the contact button one your customer’s profiles in your dashboard and send them an email or direct message.

How do I update my user profile?

Click on your user photo on the top right corner of your profile, by clicking there you can edit any of the general information on your user profile.

How do I log into PowerPlay?

When you are invited to use the system you would have received an email to set-up your password. After setting your password you can go to powerplay.homecaptain.com to log-in utilizing your username and password.