Portfolio Retention

Shield Yourself from Portfolio Runoff

Get in front of your mortgage portfolio, before MLS or credit triggers

Our team of industry experts has designed a way for you, the mortgage servicer, to get ahead of credit and MLS triggers, build your customer relationship, and streamline REO Distressed Asset Dispositions.

Customers are provided with exclusive cost-saving discounts on their home listing

Branded Nationwide MLS Search

Free Home Value Estimates (this keeps customers engaged and 30% result in refinancing leads)

Propensity modeling around likelihood to sell

White-labeled for the mortgage lenders and servicers

Our Results

Recapture 43.5% of home sellers that simultaneously purchased a home

Improved loan officer capacity, so they could focus on refinances while we incubated their purchase pipeline

Increased ROI on purchase customers 3-10x for their prequalified home buyers

Assisted their borrowers in closing on a home two weeks faster than the national average

Significantly boosted their Net Promote Score (NPS) and customer service feedback